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Urban Futures Lab


The Urban Futures Lab, is the Centre’s core of urban research and experimentation in the field of Urban Planning and Architecture. At the lab we:

        1.  Test and explore transformative techniques and practices of urban futuring at the intersection of visions for future urban places, new technologies and infrastructures. 
        2. Generate new knowledge about the forms and dynamics of smart urbanism and their socio- technical implications.
        3. Unveil to what measure cities can be understood through sensorial data, how does software interact with space in daily urban life at the ‘real time city’ and to what measure they contribute to an improved and more efficient urban management.

AI for Citizens Lab


The Artificial Intelligence, AI, for Citizens Lab connects citizens, city leaders, and AI technology to help understand city leaders and citizens challenges, plan innovative city-citizens interactions, and improve the quality of life for each individual who lives or visits the city.


The lab research goal is to develop innovative models that will be applicable, modular, customizable, and enhance the abilities of the city to create personalized intelligent services. The AI for Citizens Lab drives cities to define their high priority challenges and leverage AI to gather relevant information, anticipate, predict, and solve future and real-time problems.

Collaborative funding clinic


The collaborative funding clinic aims to provide the members of the Smart Cities Center access to resources to realize innovative solutions as well as assist them in connecting international stakeholders.

The clinic’s activities are focused on:

  1. Participating in Horizon Europe projects as a research center
  2. Promoting the ecosystem’s growth by connecting with international smart city centers, training research centers and universities in establishment of smart city center in their organisations and building a network of international stakeholders
  3. Providing services for the Bar Ilan smart city centre members that assist them to understand available funding routes, the application process and management of public funding

The clinic is looking forward to collaborating in upcoming calls for H2020 , the Green Deal and Horizon Europe.