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Accelerator program


The Center has an Accelerator program plan, this is an annual program, the program includes model theory lessons but the emphasis is on the practical development of a product as a result of the process of learning about a business plan, feasibility study, market test, marketing plan and costs. The program includes first-rate professional’s mentors available to program participants.



Living lab


as an integral part of the entire Mode of operation the campus and the center serves as a living lab. Any company operating in smart cities is invited to install their systems on campus, demonstrate the system on university systems as well as dedicated sensors installed for this purpose. On an ongoing basis, the Center is actively working to connect those companies that have installed systems on campus and researchers from the university to create collaborative research.



Access to finance


The Collaborative Funding Clinic at the center acts to facilitate funding for the centers’s members and projects. Our activities are focused on organization of info-days to dedicated funds, providing consulting, and coordinating research projects.




As part of the Accelerator activity the Participants team up with a monitor that accompanies them during the program. The mentors are first-rate professionals in their field. Having extensive experience themselves after significant business successes



Consultation for municipalities


Providing smart city solutions is first and foremost about understanding the needs of the citizens. To build a user centric oriented digital hub, the Bar-Ilan Smart Cities Center initially connected with the seven cities and municipalities, representing about 750,000 citizens surrounding our campus. Since then, our network has grown and currently includes 20 municipalities in Israel and a dozen internationally. Research and Innovation at the center aims to include policy makers and citizens in all stages of development.





The center regularly holds Hackathons in the field of innovation and with affinity for smart cities such as transportation, security, accessibility, pollution, health, emergency services, communities, sustainability and more.



International Networking linking to innovation ecosystems

          1. Ecosystem enhancement
            Analysis, assessment and mentoring of ecosystems to enhance their entrepreneurial performance
          2. Co-working space
            The university has allocated a two-story building for the center, which also is a Co-working space. The center gives priority to Accelerator program participants and startups and students operating in the innovation sector with affinity for smart cities
          3. Showcase and Demonstration facilities
            The center presents advanced smart city systems developed by the members of the community. The systems are part of the center’s display, which also includes the systems in the Living lab. The various systems receive exposure to the many visitors who come to the center, from overseas as well as Israeli officials.
          4. Entrepreneurial club
            Bar-Ilan University’s Entrepreneurship Club operates as part of the Smart Cities Center. The Entrepreneurship Club is Objectives is to expand students’ knowledge and exposure to innovation
            we also see great importance in exposing these who live around the university to innovation and as part of the center’s collaboration with the municipalities around it, residents are invited to the club’s meetings.