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מוזמנים לצפות בשידור חי מהכנס. לצפיה לחצו על התוכנית

תוכנית הכנס ה-31 לחקר הגורם האנושי לתאונות דרכים


מרכז בר אילן לערים חכמות

Bar Ilan Center for Smart Cities involved in Green Deal proposal to address the climate crisis

Bar Ilan University researchers from Bar Ilan Center for Smart Cities and Faculty of Law are involved in the European Commission’s Green Deal call participating in a proposal for the challenge ‘Towards Climate Neutral and Socially Innovative Cities’ named 2OC. The consortium, coordinated by Maastricht University, includes 57 partners across Europe and Israel with a budget of 53 million euros.

Greener cities

Cities consume 65% of the world’s energy and account for more than 70% of global man-made CO2 emissions. Helping cities become greener is crucial if Europe wants to achieve a drastic reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The goal of the 2OC is to develop a one-stop-shop platform to provide all necessary technical, regulatory, financial and socio-economic expertise and support for cities to implement their climate action plans. 2OC offers a unified systemic repository of climate action plans, an open-source framework for deploying Climate Data Hubs with digital enablers such as AI and Internet of Things, customizable and co-created climate city contracts.

For more information on 2OC –

Groundbreaking research at the Bar-Ilan Center for Smart Cities

A groundbreaking research project at the Bar-Ilan Centre for Smart Cities.
For the first time, an autonomous vehicle, class 3 travels without an operator inside.

Enabling autonomous vehicle s’ operation without an operator inside opens opportunities for a wide field of deployment in complex scenarios and environments

The research is part of an ongoing study, led by Prof. Eyal Yaniv and Prof. Tova Rosenbloom. More details will be published once the research is concluded.

מחקר פורץ דרך מתקיים בקמפוס אוניברסיטת בר אילן. במחקר, לראשונה, מאפשרים שימוש ברכב אוטונומי דרגה 3 ללא המפעיל ברכב. שימוש ברכב אוטונומי דרגה 3 ללא המפעיל ברכב יוצר מגוון שימושים פוטנציאליים לרכב בסביבה מורכבת.

Smart Cities 2030 conference 

The Bar Ilan Center for Smart Cities partnered with the main Israeli conference in the field – “Smart Cities 2030” initiated by “People and Computers” magazine.

  • Eyal Yaniv ,head of the center, outlined two scenarios regarding the future of urbanity in the coming years: a new urban crisis, or the prosperity and growth of cities.
  • Ayelet Sapir, Head of the Collaborative Funding Clinic, presented the center’s activities in the field as well as future ideas where municipalities and academia can collaborate –and apply to the upcoming Horizon Europe research fund.

המרכז שותף לכנס המרכזי בישראל בתחום הערים החכמות – כיצד תיראה העיר החכמה ב-2030 ביוזמת אנשים ומחשבים.

  • ראש המרכז, פרופ’ איל יניב, שרטט בכנס שני תסריטים לגבי עתיד האורבניות בשנים הבאות: משבר אורבני חדש, או שגשוג וצמיחה של ערים.
  • הגב’ איילת ספיר, ראש הקליניקה לשיתופי פעולה בין לאומיים הציגה את פעילות המרכז בתחום וכן נושאים לדוגמה בהם, הרשויות והאקדמיה יכולים לשתף פעולה במחקר השותף במימון האיחוד האירופי.


European Commission

DIH – Digital Innovation Hub

In June 2020 The Bar-Ilan Center for Smart Cities was declared as European DIH, Digital Innovation Hub.


We are proud to announce that our Center is the first European DIH in Israel and the first one in the world that is focused on Smart Cities.


Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) is one of the five pillars of the Digitising European Industry (DEI) initiative, which was launched by the European Commission in 2016 to reinforce the EU’s competitiveness in digital technologies. Our DIH provides necessary services and activities to promote the Smart Cities ecosystem growth and it is listed in the EU DIH catalogue as a fully operational hub.

Virtual Cloud Summit 21-25.6.2020


The Smart Cities Center was a key partner in the conference.


Cloud computing is growing from day to day. In this event, you’ll expand your knowledge, discover the leading solutions to succeed and get practical tools to sharpen your skills.


Bringing the best experts for cloud computing technology – Broadcasting LIVE to your screen!


Join for a full week – 5 professional tracks, 40+ sessions and networking with 1,000+ attendees of the tech industry.

Tourism Hackathon 1-3.7.2020


Our DIH for Smart Cities was a participant in the three-day Virtual Hackathon which aimed to identify effective answers to the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic posed to the tourism sector. In this framework Dr. Iris Yuster the Head of AI for Citizens Lab from our team was the mentor and helped companies plan innovative solutions; define customer pain points, create customer- centric digital platforms, leverage AI to fulfill customer needs, and think strategically about new sustainable business models that create loyalty and growth.


The Hackathon was organized by EBN in collaboration with Creative Business Cup and WestBIC.

Autonomous Vehicles


The Bar-Ilan University Smart Cities Center is experimenting with an autonomous minibus that can transport patients diagnosed with COVID-19 and medical equipment. The autonomous shuttle is operated remotely, without a driver or operator, transporting patients for medical purposes while reducing direct contact between patients and hospital staff, and preventing infection of medical staff and drivers. The use of the autonomous vehicle to transfer medication, laundry and food to corona-isolated hospital facilities is also being assessed.


The experiment is being carried out by Prof. Eyal Yaniv, Director of the Smart Cities Center at Bar-Ilan University and Director of the School of Business Administration. “We are proud to be at the forefront of research and technology in the field of autonomous travel and its adaptation to combat the coronavirus,” said University CEO Zohar Yinon.


The autonomous shuttle is manufactured by NAVYA in France.


Barcelona Smart City Expo World Congress

The Bar Ilan Center for Smart Cities was the first research center to set up a pavilion at an international Smart Cities conference.

In 2018 The Bar Ilan Center for Smart Cities presented its research activities in its pavilion. Head of the Center, Prof. Yaniv was one of the speakers at the conference.

In 2019 The Bar Ilan Center for Smart Cities presented its research activities in 40 square meter pavilion The pavilion was a collaboration with Mr. Yariv, Sadeh the Israeli smart cities Ecosystem community founders and manager.

At the 40 square meter pavilion companies operating at the center presented their technologies.